Company Overview - Taixing Jichuan Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.
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by SGS Group
תאריך רישום החברה2010-11-10
שטח מפעל (מר)15000
שפות מקובלותEnglish
מספר שנים בייצוא13
מספר שנים בענף13
יכולות ייצור
קווי ייצור2
מכונות ייצור21
בקרת איכות
תמיכה ביכולת מעקב אחרי חומרי הגלם של המוצריםYes
שיטה לבדיקת המוצריםInspection of all products
בקרת איכות מבוצעת בכל קווי הייצורYes
QA/QC פקחי1
רקע במסחר
שווקים עיקרייםDomestic Market(65%), Eastern Europe(5%), Southeast Asia(5%)
סוג לקוחות עיקריRetailer, Engineer, Wholesaler, Brand business, For private use, Manufacturer
יכולות R&D
אפשרויות להתאמה אישיתlight customization, sample processing, graphic processing, customized on demand
השקות של מוצרים חדשים בשנה האחרונה5
מהנדסי R&D2
רמות השכלה של מהנדסי R&D1 graduate, 1 technicalSchool
ביקורות על החברה (63)
4.4 /5
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Unorganized company and piece of garbage machines. I bought an electric and semi-electric pallet stacker from this factory spending several thousands. The sales person was not thoroughly knowledgeable with their products. Sold me an item that was not sufficient for my country's use. We improvised and managed. The internal batteries in both machines had to be changed within a year. They also sent the wrong chargers. Took another 2 weeks to send the correct one and fix that mistake. That was clear example of how well they knew their products. Eventually, all the chargers went dead within 3 years. I didn't even bother to search for a warranty. I went back and tried to buy new chargers. Took this next sales person over 2 months and still sent me the wrong product while the machines sat uncharged and unusable. She was rude and did not even provide tracking info. She lists a pallet jack in the Alibaba order when it was a charger. That is their level of fraud and incompetence. I gave up.
    This is a pleasant purchase.The forklift truck arrived in our country in our country on time,just in time for the company’s busy transportation.This electric forklift truck is highly efficient and great!
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    מניות מפעל במלאי חשמל מעבה חשמלי # stacker
    עוזר טוב לשקע במפעל לטיפול במחסן # stacker חשמלי
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